Elf Cannabis Sativa Collection: Happy Hydration Cream and All the Feels Facial Oil

April 22, 2020

Six months ago it seemed like every brand was coming out with a cannabis sativa line. The first that comes to mind is Milk Makeup's KUSH line that used cannabis sativa oil for its moisturizing properties. I was intrigued by their mascara, but am still working through so many samples from Sephora Play that I won't need to buy a new mascara until the end of 2020.

However, I did always find myself pausing at target to look at Elf's Cannabis Sativa Collection: Skin Hit Kit. This kit includes a moisturizing cream, facial oil, primer and lip balm. I haven't been wearing much makeup lately so I was primarily drawn to the Happy Hydration Cream and the All the Feels Facial oil. To clarify this line only has cannabis sativa in it, not CBD. There is no THC in both the cream and facial oil.

The Happy Hydration Cream highlights ingredients like hemp seed (cannabis sativa) oil, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide; all to help with moisturizing and retaining moisture in your skin. It retails for $12.

My first impression of the Happy Hydration Cream was that it was a thick texture. It is thick, but does not apply heavy or feels weighing on the face. I applied this after my water based serums and it soaked in nicely. I found that there is no to little scent with this moisturizer which is always something I count as a plus! I find that some products with heavy scents tend to irritate my skin.

I have been using the the Happy Hydration Cream for about two weeks now and I think it's great! I use it day and night and still find that it is lightweight, but long lasting and moisturizing without being greasy. I have no issues with it applying over my serum at night and no trouble with it pilling underneath my sunscreen during the day.

The All the Feels Facial oil was something new to me. It also retails for $12. My experience with facial oils is limited. I have really only tried Milk Makeup's Sunshine oil. The All the Feels Facial oil has hemp seed oil, squalane, and rosehip seed oil. Elf recommends patting a few drops into your face or adding to your foundation for an extra glow.

My first go around with the All the Feels Facial oil didn't go super well. I definitely used too much and my face ended up quite shiny and greasy. The next time I used it went much better. I applied this face oil after my serum and the Happy Hydration cream. I gently pat the oil into my face avoiding areas like my eyelids. I also pat some down my neck. Applying this face oil with a jade roller would work great as well.

Same as the cream, there wasn't a noticeable smell with the facial oil. Once I used to correct amount (less is more!) I found that it soaked into my skin well and I didn't feel like it was just sitting on top of my face. I used the All the Feels Facial oil day and night for two weeks and found that my skin has remained soft and hydrated. Sometimes when the seasons shift, I tend to get dry patches on my face. I did not feel any dry patches while using the cream or face oil.

Overall I enjoyed these two products, especially at such an affordable price point! I would recommend that those with sensitive skin do a patch test to make sure they are not reactive to the cannabis sativa. Have any of you tried any products with cannabis sativa as an ingredient?

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  1. Great review, MT! I haven't tried a lot of e.l.f.'s skin products although I do have some under my sink. I think I'll break my daily hydration cream out soon though thanks to you!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel


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