Face Your Fears

April 28, 2018

      A few months ago I was asked by a friend to open for her show at a local coffee shop. I've taught myself to play multiple instruments, but the only people who ever hear me perform are my family (rarely) and my cat. Once a year I usually force myself out of my comfort zone and perform for my college's version of "The Voice". This year I decided not to audition, but then the opportunity to open for my friend came up. I debated about it for a little while, but realized I didn't have anything to lose.

      I love singing and performing, but I GET SO NERVOUS. I don't know how to not get nervous honestly. It's like my throat closes up and all of a sudden I feel the biggest wave of stage fright. This time I was still incredibly nervous, but looked out into the audience and found the faces of my lovely friends who came to support me and my family who are always my biggest fans.

      I may have procrastinated making my set list until the day of the show, I may have not have practiced as much as I should've, but I faced my fears and that's something I'm proud of.

Thank you to my wonderful sister @meagantaylorr for surprising me and also taking these photos

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