Why is Everyone Baking Bread?

March 31, 2020

Under a state wide stay-at-home order, it seems like an influx of people have turned to baking bread. I went to the store a couple weeks ago and there was no flour or yeast to be found anywhere. What gives?

I have watched my fair share of "bread week" episodes from The Great British Baking Show, but never felt compelled to attempt baking bread until it appeared I was going to be staying at home for a rather extended period of time. Bread has always seemed wildly time consuming and difficult to execute, but as a recent bread making convert it ended up being quite relaxing and yielded pretty great tasting results.

I suppose the last thing people want to read about during a pandemic is baking bread, but I think that baking, specifically something that takes up a large amount of time like bread, serves as a comfort for a lot of people. Bread is versatile! Bread is warm! Bread can help soothe your anxiety (if only for a few hours)!

I have never been a baker due to the fact that I don't like to measure ingredients, but I put aside my dislike for measuring when I made a garlic and rosemary focaccia to go with last Sunday night's pasta dinner. It was simple enough to make and I keep thinking that I want to try it again when I have fresh herbs in the summer! I have also recently found a deep love for making cinnamon rolls. I made this recipe and served a warm pan of them with some vegetarian chili, taking me back to school lunch days.

In spending the last few weeks at home I have been cooking more and trying to fill the extra time in my days with habits that bring me comfort. I have finished 4 books in the past month which is half the amount I struggled to read the entirety of last year. I have been giving my skin a much needed break and run through some sheet masks that have been sitting below my sink for ages. Recently I dug out my free weights and have started to lift again. It can be discouraging knowing I can't lift the same amount I was able to a few years ago, but I am eager to improve and start seeing progress.

I hope everyone is also finding ways to comfort themselves in this time of uncertainty. Maybe try baking some bread.

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